Great war-movies have driven film audiences to the silver screen for years. From fiery explosions to dangerously, heroic missions, who doesn’t enjoy the drama and that comes along with great tales of war?

Fury, the highly anticipated new-release from director David Ayer (known for the critically acclaimed End of Watch and Training Day), is set at the end of WWII in Nazi-Germany. Sgt. Don Collier (Brad Pitt) leads tank crews of four along the lines of enemy territory. What sets the film apart from other war films, not only through the talents of the cinematography, but how Ayer molds the film to dig deep into the most humanizing traits that question our own insecurities and fears. There is an undeniable camaraderie that bonds together this family of soldiers as they make their mark in defeating a terrorizing regime.

With an estimated 23.5 million in the box office opening weekend, according to www.Rentrak.com, it’s no surprise that from beginning to end, Fury grabs you, taking you deep into the world of tank-warfare, keeping you hanging onto your seat for more.