Land, sea, sky and even space, mankind has mastered the art of transportation. Gone are the days of miles-long treks to work and school, with the invention of cars and buses. Why settle for snail mail, when email, FaceTime and Skype are all at your fingertips? What would you say if we could take transportation and combine that with the digital world?

Well it seems that the innovative engineers at CPI (The Centre for Process Innovation) have done just that. They’ve developed technology that combines flight transportation with a digital twist: The Windowless Fuselage . This flight has no windows.  That’s right, no windows. They replace windows with high quality, flexible displays screens that allow each passenger to have their own unique in-flight experience, while still allowing passengers a digital sensation of looking out a window. The lightweight materials used in the designs will allow for less fuel consumption, because a heavy plane is a gas guzzler to the tune of about 80 million gallons on average per year to be exact. Now who doesn’t like the idea of lower costs and helping the environment and still getting your digital fix?

Not yet sold on the idea? See it all come together below.