With more than 6.5 million followers across his socials, you know him from his Vine posts and Instagram pics and most likely from his “most annoying things girlfriends do” video. That said, Gabriel Conte would seem anything but annoyed with his now fiance, Jess Bauer, as he recently popped the question to his now wife to be. As Yoda would say, falling in love, did he.

Shot at:
Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

Written By: Christian Burkholder

Photographer: Kaleb Khu  
Stylist: Apuje Kalu
Styling Assistant: Brandon Gray

Grooming: Taschi Lynell

Being a social media star is not easy. Much less one that has well over one billion Vines. One has to carefully steer the ship, if you will, between your professional life on camera, (filming portions of your daily world, maintaining interesting clips to share with the world giving away bits and pieces at a time), and a personal life. All this without giving away too much so you can maintain a sense of self and sanity while keeping your fans insanely interested and engaged.

This juggling seems to come naturally to Conte, the Miami-born star who has been performing since he was in the 7th grade posting his first Vine video in August 2013. Once hired as a model for Coca-Cola, he studied briefly at Florida State University in pursuit of a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in acting, but later dropped out to pursue social media full-time and who can blame him.

Ferrvor Gabriel Conte snapchat twitter Vine Mr. Student Body President

Suit: Hugo Boss Pocket Square: Yves Saint Laurent Shoes: Marc Jacobs

Another fan of social media, our very own Kaleb Khu lensed some great shots of Gabriel at the Farmers Daughter Hotel right here in Hollywood, California. Afterward, we hung out backstage on the set of Ferrvor Magazine shoot to share a few thoughts on his life and what makes him go bang.

Gabriel, great photoshoot, glad you join us today, was a lot of fun. Lets’ dive into your life a bit,

what would be one of the most memorable moments since you began your Vine videos?
One of my most memorable moments from my Vine videos is when I got to film with Cody Johns. He is huge on Vine and I was just getting started when he reached out because he liked my Vines. We got to film a few Vines together and I really enjoyed that memory especially because it blossomed into a great friendship!

If you had to compare yourself to a sport what sport would it be and why?
I would say swimming probably, because I find myself constantly trying to navigate through life, stay afloat and keep myself in the right lane.

Ferrvor Gabriel Conte snapchat twitter Vine Mr. Student Body President

Jacket: Beautiful Fül Shirt: Sandro Bracelet (left): Stylist’s Own

You seem to have developed a strong sense of style, where, what, or who did you get your style inspiration from?
Honestly, I’ve been developing my style from friends and people around me that also have a good sense of style. I really enjoy seeing a look on someone that I really like and then going out myself and trying to replicate it with my own eye. I do like Justin Bieber’s style but I would say his is a bit more “out there” than mine.

What did you learn from working with Tyler Perry?
Working with Tyler Perry was really great because I learned how to be professional on set while still being a kind and genuine person who happens to be surrounded with so much fame. He also isn’t ashamed of his faith which is something I SO look up to!

If we got to spend a Sunday with you what would it be like?
Well my Sunday looks like this, I would get ready for church, make a quick coffee stop on the way to church, then go to church. After church it’s typically around 11:30 to noon and I try to keep the rest of the day not too work related. Either go out to lunch with a friend and then hang. If my fiancé is in town we would probably have a little date night. It’s basically church in the morning and then something casual and fun for the rest of the day.

Ferrvor Gabriel Conte snapchat twitter Vine Mr. Student Body President

Jacket: Beautiful Fül Shirt + Pants: Sandro Shoes: Saint Laurent Bracelet (left): Stylist’s Own

Being a Gentleman means different things for different people, what do you think being a gentleman means to you?
Being a gentleman to me means treating women (and people in general) with the love and respect they deserve. Be kind, generous, and caring. And look out for other people’s needs when you see them. As far as being in a relationship, try to be aware of your partner’s needs and practice catering to them every single day no matter how you are feeling. It’s easy to show affection and kindness when everything is okay and fun, but it’s difficult to do that when things aren’t at their best. When that happens in my relationship I still make it a point to show affection to Jess (my fiancé) whether its opening the car door for her, holding her hand, or even hugging and kissing her to let her know she still has my love even though we might have to work something out.

Your dream travel destination outside of the country would be where?
Well, it was Australia but I’ve done that already. Now I’d probably love to do a European adventure and just do an adventure across that continent. One day!

Tell us your role with No Kids Hungry Foundation and why you got involved?
Well, when I heard about No Kid Hungry I knew I had to get involved because awareness needed to be raised for such a huge problem happening right in our own neighborhoods. Getting involved is so beneficial to our own communities because NKH is continuously in the pursuit to end childhood hunger in America!

Ferrvor Gabriel Conte snapchat twitter Vine Mr. Student Body President

Left: Jacket: Beautiful Fül Shirt + Pants: Sandro Shoes: Saint Laurent Bracelet (left): Stylist’s Own | Right:  Shirt: Adamist Pants: Dolce & Gabbana Necklace + bracelet: Topman

How would you describe a young Gabriel?
I would say he’s pretty similar to the current Gabriel. Maybe young Gabriel was a bit more hyper but I’ve always enjoyed the same things I continue to do now.

Your definition of a romantic date would be?
A nice dinner at a restaurant on/near the beach, some froyo, and long chats on the beach while watching the sunset.

What would be some of your laws as a student body president?
My first order of business as a student body president would be to set up a coffee station in each and every classroom in the school and the students can have coffee whenever they please!

Ferrvor Gabriel Conte snapchat twitter Vine Mr. Student Body President

Shirt: Adamist Pants: Dolce & Gabbana Shoes: DSquared2 Necklace + bracelet: Topman

Tell us about your character Matt from Mr. Student Body President.
Matt is very, how would you say it … lazy? He is the senior class president and only ran for that position because he wanted to take naps in the student council room during school! He doesn’t really care too much about the politics of anything and just wants to have fun.

What qualities do your Mr. Student Body President character, Matt, and you have in common?
Not too much honestly. I mean, Matt is the captain of the soccer team so I guess we both enjoy playing sports. But Matt is very lazy and wants to sleep all the time and party and is a player and uses language I don’t ever use.

What kind of high school experience did you have growing up? How is it different from Student Body President?
Well, I was homeschooled so my high school experience was very different but I feel better than a normal high school experience. Since I was homeschooled I got to spend a lot of time doing the things I really enjoyed. And because I never had homework after school since I did it during the day, I would be able to hang with friends more than kids at school. I was also still involved with sports since the school near my house allowed homeschool kids in the area to be a part of the programs after school.

Ferrvor Gabriel Conte snapchat twitter Vine Mr. Student Body President

Jacket: Zara Pants: Golden Denim Bracelet (left): Stylist’s Own

How would you describe your experience shooting Mr. Student Body President?
So fun! Everyone on set was so down to earth and ridiculously talented. Just a great, safe, uplifting and professional environment. Fingers crossed for a season 2!

Yes, and good luck with that. What is a big goal for you for 2017?
Well, the first order of business is to get married to my fiancé!

Congratulations and good luck with that, that’s awesome! As we come to a close what would be some last words of inspiration before we say goodbye today? Wow, that’s a lot of pressure. Probably, be kind to others.

That works for us, thanks again Gabriel and good luck.

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