No, really, try this stuff. You may not have heard of Roxx Vodka just yet, but there’s a pretty good chance that you soon will, that is if you haven’t already unknowingly sipped a sumptuous Roxx cocktail at an indiscreet party somewhere.

Most people say it’s incredibly smooth and have compared it to Grey Goose. Distilled six times, using high quality grain, it certainly has the markings of an ultra premium Vodka and having tasted it myself, I can’t disagree. Roxx is a solid, refreshing vodka. The finish is clean and silky, exhibiting slight nuances of white pepper flower, whole grain bread, lemon cream and brazil nut. For the discerning Vodka Palate out there, you’ll be overjoyed.

 Story By: Christian B
Images By: Roxx and J. Bontolo

The secret to all this Vodka goodness, according to Nielsen Spirits / Roxx Vodka’s co-founders, Bill Ferguson and Angie Nielsen comes from utilizing crystal clean water from Poland’s deepest natural springs and their unique filtration system. FERRVOR got a chance to sit down with Bill and talk about his Roxx Vodka.

Ferrvor is a mens style magazine focusing on the best in mens fashion, lifestyle and gear. Think David Beckham meets Tom Ford.  That said, if you have to compare Roxx Vodka to a fashion designer who would that be?

That’s in interesting comparison why Zegna?
Roxx possesses a definite taste and style that depending on the occasion can work with casual wear or the finest tailored suit. Regardless of the situation what remains important is dependable quality. You may have noticed that you can mix almost any Zegna pieces with other Zegna pieces and the resulting outfit or look works. The same is true of Roxx. While I prefer it alone on the rocks you can mix it with almost anything and you’ll have a great cocktail.

Since you’re a Vodka drinker, what’s your favorite drink of choice?
Classic Martini

Mine too. What food would you pair that drink with?


What makes for a good Vodka cocktail?
Something simple If you start with a great vodka like Roxx you can add a favorite juice like cranberry or lemonade and you’ve got a refreshing cocktail.   If you want something a bit more exotic check out the Bubbles and Berries made with Roxx at Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills. They use dry ice and the effect is reminiscent of an old time mad professor trying smoking bubbling potions.

What makes an “Ultra-premium” Vodka?
This is a question that can yield many answers but I think that the manner in which the vodka is made certainly plays a part and most importantly the way that the vodka taste all by itself. An Ultra premium vodka should be fresh and clean. It should have a little bite on the front end with a smooth finish. Roxx is made with spring water, a unique blend of grains and distilled 6 times.

What is your personal favorite cocktail?
Martini with some extra olives.

Which wins in your book – the Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan or Bloody Mary?
Depends on the time of day or more specifically morning. We call ours a Warsaw Mule since we’re made in Poland. I do love a well made spicy Bloody Mary with some fresh snacks thrown in the glass.


What is the meaning behind the name, ROXX?
We wanted a name that was playful and would be easy to order in any language in any bar in the world. What could be simpler than asking for a Vodka Roxx?

Nice. How’s the Hollywood road thus far with Roxx vodka – any good celeb spotting drinking Roxx stories to share?
We’ve been warmly if not enthusiastically received by some big names in film, television as well as music. When the time is right I’m sure that these stories and testimonials will come out. We’ve been on many well known shows and served at several wrap parties and other related events.

Being that Vodka is your world, what’s the best cure for a hangover? Can you let our readers in on your secret? And to that point – what’s the best food for a hangover?
Believe it or not I once gave a speech on this in college where the goal was to inform. Everyone else discussed the dangers of gambling, criminal activity and other important topics and I chose how to survive a hangover. The way I figured such a skill was imperative to a college freshman on the beach in Florida surrounded by great watering holes that hoped to become sophomores. I broke hangovers into three major types and even used visual aids but that is another story.

First is important that you not mix too much. If it is a night for single malt Scotch then stick with single malt. Second make sure that you’re drinking something clean and again try to avoid too many sugary mixes as they will kill you the next day. Finally eating something a little greasy chased down by two aspirin of your choice and half a bottle of Gatorade can work wonders. When you wake up finish the Gatorade and take two more aspirin and you should be fine. If that still doesn’t work, then a spicy Bloody Mary with Roxx will set you right and even you out.


Roxx Vodka has been in many wild parties? What’s the wildest party up to date you could share with us?
Wait I’m thinking………(a smile grows on my face as I consider several options) I guess the rooftop above LASC on Halloween night this year above Santa Monica Blvd. with thousands of people in crazy costumes loving life and loving Roxx.

Speaking of wild parties – it seems a party that Roxx was sponsoring in Miami got noticed by none other then Exxon mobile (huh?) who is now suing you for trademark infringement on the two XX’s in Roxx? That sounds completely ridiculous. Can you elaborate a bit?
Let me take a closer look at how you are using those repeating “r”s in Ferrvor. It is the craziest thing that I hope will go away, but if not we will stick around and fight. They have actually filed a lawsuit in Miami claiming that our logo presents a possible health risk to the public at large and our continued use will cause irreparable harm to Exxon and its reputation. I guarantee that I could pour shots of 91 octane and Roxx and not a single person at Exxon or their legal counsel would drink the gas. They filed virtually the exact, I mean word for word, lawsuit against Fox Entertainment and dismissed it on the eve of trial. As for causing irreparable harm would they rather I called it, “Valdez Vodka” or perhaps “Burning Rig” I’m just glad that with social media and outlets like Ferrvor the old school practice of the big company rolling over the little guy is not quite as hidden and easy as it once was. We’ve had some great support from people critical of Exxon and love reading their comments.

That’s insane. Good luck with that. Vodka Martini – Shaken or stirred?
As long as it is cold, dry and made with Roxx, either way is superb.


What’s on horizon in 2016 for Roxx? Can we expect you at big events and parties next year supporting our thirst for a good drink?
Yes! We’ve been asked to get involved with even more charities and events this year which we love to do and are working on some strategic partnerships that should have us debuting in Las Vegas and elsewhere in 2016. Some of our better known fans have offered to help so look for Roxx showing up at a club or store near you soon! If you can’t wait for us to get to you, contact us and we’ll see what we can arrange to get it to you sooner. Thanks Ferrvor!!!

You can join Roxx Vodka now on Indiegogo to buy some swag and support their efforts to keep their two X’s in their battle with oil giant Exxon Mobile here: Join Roxx