London’s luxurious, Hotel Café Royal, collaborates with French couture brand, Givenchy to launch an aromatic line of cocktails.

Givency Supp 5

The Atelier Collection of Cocktails, includes seven specially designed concoctions, by Café Royal’s own, Tiziano Tasso. Each cocktail, which is inspired by Givenchy’s own Atelier de Givenchy perfume collection, individually captures key perfume notes, colors and personality from the French fragrances.

Givenchy Supp 1

          Left: Chypre Caresse– a delicate and timeless fresh chypre              Right: Ylang Austral– an ethno-chic and graphic woody floral


Givenchy Supp 2

      Left: Néroli Originel– an oriental green for the elegance of an icon  Right: Cuir Blanc– a radical carnal neo-leathery


Givenchy has created their perfume collection with the finest materials, which include “rare flowers, precious woods, dazzling fruits and vibrant leathers.” Tasso has masterfully crafted each cocktail with the same amount of detail and delicacy in this uniquely, delicious cocktail collection.  Senses are touched by hints of jasmine, lemon citrus, vanilla, bitter orange, sage and even Siberian pine.

Givenchy Supp 3

          Left: Bois Martial– a noble and legendary gourmand woody           Right: Ambre Tigré-a mysterious and feline ambery


Givenchy Supp 4

          Old Flamboyant– a bold and magnetic smoky woody


You don’t want to miss out on this exclusive cocktail collection, which will be available at the Green Bar at the Hotel Café Royal, from now until March 31, 2015.