Let’s take a look into a time before our common era. For Givenchy Spring Summer 2016 Collection, they took inspiration from a time before Christ and transformed it to suit the modern age.

givenchy sup

Givenchy’s newsest collection is using a reference that is bigger than life. As the models walk down the runway, you see the small details that turn these “could be peasants” into modern day trendy civilians. Silhouettes stayed clean and uniform by having all the clothing tailored closer to the body. Layers played a huge role by using basic tees to add dimension and almost mimicking the same silhouette a villager would have 2000 years ago. Religious iconography helped tell this story by placing an image of Jesus Christ all throughout the collection. A bold statement that is sure to create some buzz worthy attention.

Neutral tones kept the collection calm by using hues of blue, black, and white. Pops of graphic stars were also used to break up the monochromatic looks. The street wear inspired threads also used images of the thorns used on the holy saviors head to line some of the garments. The collection gave a strong reference by using a mixture of denim covered workers and suited men, to give the idea of a world united. They even sported a modern sandal in various colors and prints.

Strong and sophisticated was what we received from this collection. Which is something we can always expect from Givenchy.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Supplemental Images By: Givenchy, FataleFashion