If you’re a fan of fashion and SUV’s, then this may be for you. GMC has parlayed their top of the line Yukon Denali with mens fashion. Think Metro meets Spornosexual sort of, but leaning more metrosexual. The Spornosexual would probably have enjoyed the last two installments of GMC’s marketing push as they were sports focused. This is all about fashion.

GM created the film, “Sharp” to complement the ad, featuring Bastian, which will debut at New York Men’s Fashion Week on July 13-16. The new Yukon Denali ad features American designer Michael Bastian, juxtaposing the well-trimmed stitching on suits with the precise features seen in the Yukon Denali. Bastian says: “I was excited when GMC approached me with this opportunity to explore this concept of ‘sharpness’ and the design parallels between our two worlds. As a luxury brand, we understand the necessity for attention to detail and craft in everything we do, much like GMC. As we put the finishing touches on our upcoming Spring ’16 runway show at the first dedicated New York Men’s Week, GMC gave us an invaluable perspective on how a premium brand outside of fashion explores cut, detail, and precision.”

Menswear designer Michael Bastian next to Yukon Denali, at the G

If you’re unfamiliar with the Yukon Denali, it is GMC’s premium, professional grade brand, with high quality, unique design elements and upscale amenities, including premium interior materials.

The new Yukon Denali model has been upgraded and feature some noteworthy new amenities, including a multicolor head-up windshield display that projects vehicle data at driver eye level and features four different driver views. 4G LTE built in Wi-Fi, a Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound System, Blu-Ray entertainment with nin-inch diagonal LCD Screens and of course the standard Sirius XM radio. As far as comfort, the Denali comes with premium, perforated leather appointed seats, aluminum trip, genuine wood inlays, stitching on console and doors, heated steering and more.

Menswear designer Michael Bastian next to Yukon Denali, at the G

As far as performance, the Denali has a powerful new 6.2L Eco Tec3 V-8 engine with Magnetic Ride Control which reads and adjusts suspension on the go for a consistently smooth ride. All that coupled with an intuitive keyless entry system the exterior is just as cool as the interior this bad boy SUV will make a lasting impression.

GMC has manufactured trucks since 1902, with the Yukon Denali first launched in 1999 as GMC’s top of the line model and retails around $70k.

Story By: Christian Burkholder
Supplemental Images By: GMC