goldroom 1

Last week LA native, Goldroom, gave us his newest EP It’s Like You Never Went Away, and it’s a perfect way to say farewell to May.

The man behind the music, Josh Legg, is no stranger to making hits. His top track on Spotify is “Till Sunrise,” which has an impressive 3.5 million play count. It’s one of his fan favorites, and is soon to be joined by his  newest single “Fifteen,” which already has 4.4 million plays since its release.

One of the most familiar of his tracks, “Embrace,” was re-recorded for his EP with help from George Maple, who is sure to be a household name. The revamped version with Maple’s vocals gives the track a mysterious and sexy twist.

Goldroom does a great job at getting young and rising vocalists to join his tracks, and one of our favorite songs features Nikki Segal. Have you heard of her? No? Well it’s okay because now that she is on “California Rain” alongside Goldroom, she’s bound to see an increase in listeners.

Check out the EP in full below, and let us know which tracks stand out to you!

Story By: Jay Campbell
Images By: Goldroom