If you’re a trend forecaster, fashion or creative editor or director, be warned, your job just might have become time sensitive (yikes!) and or gotten a lot easier, depending on how you look at it and where you’re working.Thanks to Google and all of our private searches, we know that this summer we will see jogger pants likely becoming a hit and 60s’ ‘midi skirts’ will make a comeback and ‘palazzo pants’ are trending as must haves.

jogger 1

It makes sense. With millions of us searching Google for everything, it was just a matter of time before Google would jump onto the fashion band wagon and feed us the latest fashion trends based on it’s millions upon millions of searches. Says Google “Consumers turn to Google Search in the moments that matter when it comes to fashion, giving us a glimpse into the latest up-and-coming trends for spring,” so “By looking at search demand patterns, geographic data, and co-search behavior, we can see what trends are top of mind this season, passing fads or long-lasting trends.”

jogger 3

According to the New York Times Google says that it will share this database to retailers and trend-followers for free for now in the hopes of winning over partners and gaining clout in the fashion arena.

Jogger 2

Fashion or otherwise—trends are hard to predict, regardless of how often they’re searched. “The hardest thing to explain is that a trend doesn’t come from one place and “every trend is multifaceted.”, says Ellen Sideri, founder of ESP Trendlab to the Times.

Take a look for yourself to see what trends are heating up in the world of fashion from Google’s Trend Report.