Whoever says suits aren’t for you, you can erase from your mind because according to GQ, you’re not quite right. Whether you have the muscular build of an athlete, stilt legs, or packing a little extra junk in your trunk, there’s a suit style for every stature. Thanks to the team over at GQ, here’s what we learned about finding the right fit for your body style.

 Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: GQ

The key is to accentuate your best assets, with something comfortable but still keeping the fitted look. Nothing screams poor suit choice, than an oversized coat or a nut-hugging pair of slacks. Guys?

Ditch the typical suit on the rack, and get one tailored for your needs and your shape.

Here are some tips for your specific body type:

Athletic Built
Say NO to shoulder pads, and seek a “natural shoulders” style. And go for a pale grey color choice.

Thunder Thighs
Got a pair of thick juicy thighs? Shoot for a nice suit from Ralph Lauren, who specializes suits for your special shape. Pinstripes add some dimension to your look and will give u the illusion of length.

Sad Shoulders
Okay, so you’re lacking a little bit in that department, but no worries. When you’re lacking that structure, seek a coat that has “strong shoulders,” to add that extra shape and bulk.

When You’re Tall and Slim
A long frame and legs is something you don’t see everyday in a man. Hem those pants and add a fitted, tall cuff, and choose a jacket with shoulder pads to give a more broad shape.

Tiny Tim
Simple: Crop and tailor everything to you size. Highlight your frame, and don’t sink away in an oversized suit. Also, don’t be afraid to try out different colors and patterns.

The Husky Man
Just because you’re packing a little extra doesn’t mean you have to hide. There is a suit style for you! Get a jacket that suits your body type, something angular and sharp, and hugs your shoulders. This is key!