There are two types of watch wearers in the world: those who wear for style and those who wear for function. Inevitably, watchmakers in the past have always focused on one of those factors more than the other, but New York-based Grayton Watches may be able to bridge that gap.

Written By: Jason Bowers
Images By: Grayton

Grayton’s automatic watches have always had classic-meets-modern style, featuring clean lines, sword-shaped hands, and a signature “G” on the crown. A choice of men’s, women’s and unisex sizes coupled with various color and band options meant your combinations seemed limitless without being overwhelming. Grayton’s watches have also been no slouch in the function department thanks to 165 pieces working together to self-wind without a battery.

Grayton 4

But this is 2017, dammit, and we now demand a lot more function as we try to pair a great watch with our suit or jeans. We want to ditch the ugly fitness trackers and leave the clunky smart watches on the charger. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, Grayton is looking to pack a lot more function into a timepiece… inside the watch band.


The Grayton Origin is a traditional, water resistant, no-battery-needed automatic watch coupled with a smart watch band which communicates with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. You can track your activity, calls, and messages, and control your music without sacrificing the craftsmanship. The band charges through a concealed USB port at the end (perhaps defeating the battery-free aspect of the watch itself, but at least you’ll always know the time even if you don’t know how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed).


Indiegogo backers will be the first to get their Origin sometime in May, then the rest of us will be able to buy ours for $395 (a rather insignificant price jump over the price point of  Grayton’s smart band free watches).