Gucci is back for their 2017 Cruise presentation showed in London. The collection is a youthful take on the subcultures of London.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Gucci, FF Via Youtube

Gucci first gave us a look at their Cruise collection with a look book featuring all 87 looks from the runway. Now Gucci is taking us from look book to runway. Set up in London at The Cloisters in Westminster Abbey, the show is features both men’s and women’s pieces. The collections draws its inspiration from London and the youth that inhabit it. Punk, Goth, and a mixture of preppy collegiate silhouettes play a heavy hand within the ensembles. The kitschy jackets and sweaters mix seamlessly among suiting and leather pieces. Its a playful mixture of bright colors and fun textiles.


Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele shares, “The collection is like a little poem to London. I have tried to put into it some of the pieces in my heart when I think about London: Victorian, schoolboy, crazy young noble guys and some romantic punk.”