Gucci is taking us on an imaginary trip around the world. Alessandro Michele has pulled inspiration from all around us for Gucci’s SS17 collection.

Story By: Adonis Pierce
Images By: Gucci

Gucci is using the ideal of travel for their spring/summer 2017 collection. The premise of the collection is the idea of travel rather than the actual act of traveling. Your mind can take you to places that perhaps an actual plane or boat cannot. The use of colliding influences from fantasy, travel, and even culture created a wondrous mixture of clothing. There is even some Disney references that play on the clothes. It’s a modern hybrid of fluidity.


Silhouettes were kept sharp and clean. Nothing was too oversized or under played, everything was perfectly tailored. The color palate was just what you would expect for spring, light shades of everything summer. Of course floral played a huge part within the prints, but there were other elements that made the collection worldly. Dragon embroidery was seen on jackets and tops, while Donald Duck was seen playfully on jackets ans blazers.