Straight off the runway in Milan, the iconic fashion brand Gucci showed the world who’s the boss’s boss with their 2017 collection. Supposedly for women, what we saw was surprisingly a more gender neutral collection, making it even more exciting when Alessandro Michele let the women share the runway with the guys as he showed off some daring menswear looks that included everything from suits, to silk shirts and oversized jeans in the mix.

Story By: Logan Cho
Image By: Gucci

The clothes were bold, beautiful, colorful and throwback futuristic. Certainly not for the shy at heart. In fact, if you like the idea of being the center of attention, then you’ll likely be ravenous about this entire show.

Ferrvor Milan Gucci Spring Summer 2017 collection

Thankfully, the menswear collection was decidedly toned down from the wild over the top patterns and colors in the womenswear looks. The men’s portion of the show was a noticeable throwback to 1960s and 70’s (sort of France meets Japan looks) with exciting color combinations like the pink silk full-length overcoat with flowers and pleats that Director Wes Anderson would love.

Even when it came to the more formal black-tie looks, the models gave us a treat as they rocked oversized rimmed glasses, sneakers, and assorted accessories, taking away any stuffiness one might expect when wearing a tuxedo.

Ferrvor Milan Gucci Spring Summer 2017 collection

If you’re a fan of going naked or bold, then this is going to be your collection. Now, can we get my hands one one of those suits?