juun j FW16 Menswear

We came across Juun J in Las Vegas a few times, and I’m happy to be writing about their collection for 2016. Juun J had their models wearing futuristic leather tops that interestingly reminds us of 80’s Michael Jackson videos, with a tinge of Matrix 2020 thrown in. The color combinations with fashion forward footwear were also charming.

Story By: Christian B
Image By: Juun J

Guest designer for Pitti Uomo, the greatest biannual migratory cluster of men’s brands in the world,  Juun J, was nothing short of extraordinary. His vision truly unique, futuristic and boundless.

juun j FW16 Menswear

Says Juun J of his collection “[This is] my vision of the future, a kind of post-chaos city, [where] the remaining people wear this”

If you like the thought of wearing something post-or pre-apocalyptic, (think mad Max), Depeche Mode, or 80s Mod, slightly remixed with classy exquisite tailoring, you’ll love this collection of bold one-word printed fabrics, oversized shearling coats,  felted wool, wide-cut and tight leather pants, floor length voluminous parkas, single-breasted and bomber jackets.

juun j FW16 Menswear

In one word, radical! We’re loving this collection.