Ferrvor men everywhere came across the film that sparked excitement in the unimaginable. Almost 30 years later, the iconic, Back to the Future II hoverboard still teases our senses and curiosities with as much gusto as the first time we set eyes on it. 

He’s floating on thin air! How is that possible? Can it be possible? Well, that very childhood dream seems to indeed be possible, and it could be coming to you soon through the innovative masterings of Greg and Jill Henderson, founders of Hendo. Through their patented magnetic field architecture (MFA) technology, they have created a design that truly defies gravity and allows one to glide through the air reminiscent of Marty McFly himself. This concept brings to life, the Hendo Hoverboard. While on the hoverboard, riders are lifted about one inch off of the ground and able to control motion by shifting weight around.

The best part? You can get your hands on the technology and see it for yourself. Hendo offers the Whitebox Developer Kit that showcases the technology and is , “designed to be explored, taken apart, and analyzed, encouraging you to dare to wonder.” And for those of you who pledge $10,000 in support of the invention, you can own your very own Hendo Hoverboard, come release day October 21, 2015.

Let your childhood nostalgia become a reality.