There are some great getaways in Los Angeles, which include hiking Runyan Canyon in the Hollywood Hills, the lights display and the art at LACMA and of course the Hollywood night life. Those are some of the more obvious spots, but Los Angeles also has a myriad of hidden gems that you may not have heard of. One such spot is South Broadway and 3rd Street in Downtown Los Angeles where you’ll discover the aroma of exquisite specialties and tastes in the air.

Grand 1
Home of some of the freshest produce, delicacies and meat you can find, the Grand Central Market, serves as an indoor market and home base for many food vendors.

Here are some of our favorites.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if you’re one who’s packing a big appetite, looking for a world of flavor, and willing to wait some time to indulge in the most food-pornographic taste of eggs, we’re willing to bet you’ll wait for Eggslut.

Eggslut 1

Their menu is simple; some poached eggs with a couple breakfast sandwiches, a salad, or even a double-stacked burger, in addition to whatever secret goodies they throw in. One thing for sure is that your appetite will be satisfied. We’d recommend the Fairfax and add the bacon. But if you’re feeling ballsy, try their Slut, a Ferrvor favorite.

mcconell 2

If that’s not enough to satisfy your hunger pains, afterwards, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream.

mcconell 1

They have a wide selection of flavors, varying from Sea Sale Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Almond Brittle, and Churros Con Leche. Definitely the place to satisfy your sweet tooth, and enjoy a So-Cal favorite.

horse 1

Our other recommendations from Grand Central Market include Glanville & Babinski for coffee, Olio GCM Wood Fired Pizzeria, and  Horse Thief BBQ. So the next time you’re in downtown Los Angeles, be sure to stop by the Grand Central Market and see just exactly what all the talk is about.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Images By: Grand Central Market-Andrea Alonso, Egg Slut, Egg Slut-Jakob Layman, McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream, Horse Thief -David Marcinek