For you superhero fans, there’s a new pad in town, that could almost be found in Gotham city. The architects and interior designers of Molecule created The Wayne Residence – you guessed it, inspired by the Batman movies and etched out something that Bruce Wayne would be proud to call home.  Set in an English style brick home originally built by George Landale in 1930, in Melbourne, Australia; it has been updated with stunning modern features and a basement akin to a Batcave from a superhero set.

Story By: Briana Dorton
Images By: Shannon McGrath


The home has an incredible layout with multiple rooms all with glamorous detailing. For those of you who like to entertain guests, it is truly the perfect set up. There is an ornate fine dining room, media room, complete with a theater, multiple relaxing living room spaces and a kitchen built to accommodate event-catering staff.

molecule pool


In addition to the main house, there is the tennis court, pool house and gym to be sure you get your workout on. Forget everything you know about basements, this home has a basement that would make the joker jealous. With stealth like multiple entrances, the coolest access spot would have to be the concealed ramp underneath the turf of the tennis court. The garage is set up like a museum with a squeaky clean tiled roof fixated with lights to highlight all seven of the cars that fit in the garage.

moleucle 4

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