Our world is becoming so technologically advanced to the point where teleportation devices for worldwide travel may no longer be a figment of our imagination. But as of right now, we’re all ready for the next best thing.

space 7

It started off in Carolina where the Wright Brothers were determined to become an aerial force, testing the waters and creating our very first aircraft.

Fast forward when we were introduced to the Boeing aircraft, which became a dominant maker of aircraft which cut travel time down and allowed people to visit friends, family and take business meetings worldwide at a fraction of the time it would have taken on a boat, or car. And let’s not forget the first breakthrough in rockets, allowing travel to the moon and beyond.

Think Apollo 13.

As technology improves around nuclear power, energy and fusion, we’re talking about going to Mars as a matter of fact, not just fiction. Because of that and a vision towards the future, some creative minds have recently received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to build the 10th licensed commercial spaceport.

Space 1

The laws of gravity can’t suppress the Houston Airport System, as they are now soaring toward aerospace travel. Located at the Ellington Airport, Houston this recently approved graphic shows what this spaceport will look like. So flying from Houston to Tokyo in 3 hours will clip the wings of jet lag.

Imagine the possibilities of these space stations being situated at various points around the globe. Elongated family trips, business meetings, and industrial trade, all occurring almost in the blink of an eye. No more waiting 2 days for International Fed Ex.

space 4

The spaceport system will likely be limited to private and businesses flights at first, but as technology improves and costs are reduced expect personal travel to be a high priority on their list.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Media By: MOVIECLIPS, Fly2Houston, Jonathan King