Jade Howe, designer of Howe, puts together a Fall/Winter campaign showcasing  tangible, accessible and very  forward pieces in the new campaign shot by Owen Bruce, featuring model Beau Jensen.

Mr. Howe states,”In many ways, this was the season the Howe collection came of age.” It’s all business in the studio with the collection in the limelight, capturing the essence of the lines and textures, exuding a city chic vibrancy. The placement of each stripe, each cross pad, makes the Howe line so distinctive and simply cool, managing to hit a “perfect balance between clean modern styling adn street cred. Casual and comfortable also have an air of urban sophistication.” Jade adds.

The photos and video have a sense of rawness for such a refined line. “There’s edge, but never too hard.” Howe adds. This statement is so fitting. Cardigans with heavy stripes should be worn by someone who has to navigate business and personal life without a dress change. these pieces are so versatile on an upscale end.
The evolution of a brand is a beautiful thing to witness. Howe certainly evolved into a signature brand with a signature style. JAde Howe has always maintained an aesthetic and stuck true to the vision he sought for his clothing. with that cemented the ability to craft trademark looks with a sense of playful flare is in full affect. “These are the clothes to live your life in.” Well said Mr. Howe.

Story By: Jerry P
Images By: Owen Bruce