Driving a 789 horsepower, 9000 rpm, 7-speed dual clutch luxury vehicle to the office might not be all that practical, so we have something a little more down speed, that you can be seen with anywhere you go. The Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Black.

Inspired by Ferrari LaFerrari, Swiss enterprise, Hublot, has created the sleek, suave, head-spinning, MP-05 LaFerrari Black, a knockout timepiece that even world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. would vouch for.


Derived from the aesthetics of the luxurious Italian vehicle, this special-edition, MP Collection watch is fused with the finest materials and detail. Within the micro-blasted titanium case, is a sapphire crystal-inner casing, containing yellow luminescent seconds within black aluminum cylinders. And you guessed it, all designed to resemble that of a monstrous Ferrari engine.

The MP-05 LaFerrari Black comes with a 50-day, power reserve,a HUB9005 manufacture manual-winding, suspended vertical tourbillion 11 series-coupled barrels, complete black rubber straps that compliment either the titanium, gold, or black variations.

Hublot 3

Only 50 of these limited-edition, exquisite pieces were made. So to put it in perspective, it’s arguably more exclusive than 499 models of an actual LaFerrari vehicle. Before you waste your time with anything less than this unique timepiece, you might want to think twice.