Time to get your chill on. Welcome to the Ice Hotel, located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. 

Ice Hotel 4

This one of a kind giant ice sculpture #25 is constructed purely from 1,000 tones of ice and snow and takes more then 100 human beings and two months to create and construct.

Ice Supp 2

Rooms are made of up 61 cold and 72 warm and are divided into deluxe suits, art suites, ice rooms, snow rooms and group rooms. More then 50,000 visitors every year experience this temporary ice oasis in norther Sweden, nestled next to the Torne River. There are plenty of activities to keep the Ferrvor outdoorsman active. While your here, try some Swedish snowmobiling, a little dog sledding and catch the Northern Lights on your way back in– Lapland has got something for everyone.

Ice Hotel 3

And for the food lover in you, there are a handful of restaurants where you can experience Swedish culinary delights, like moose carpaccio, chimichurri salsa, fillet of reindeer or baked chocolate truffle. And for a nightcap, what would an Ice Hotel be without the ICEBAR to mix, mingle and relax over a few cocktails sitting on ice chairs.

Ice Supp 1

If you’re ready to channel your inner 007, you can book a room now through April 22nd, 2015. Plan on spending $300US to $3000US, depending on your accommodations.