Their name states why their music is so infectious.

chainsmokers 1

New York City DJ and Producer duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, aka The Chainsmokers, specialize in fist pumping, blood rushing, euphoric sounding progressive beats and electro house music. You most likely heard their work on a track called “#Selfie”, a ridiculously hooky song that amplified the ‘selfie’ to another level.

They didn’t stop there. They strayed away from being one-hit wonders and kept their name alive in the electronic, trance, and EDM world with contagious remixes and body popping bass that kept the party going on.

One of the Ferrvor Team’s favorites is from English music artist, Ellie Goulding which became a product of the duo masterminds.

After all the buzz going on about #Selfie, and the countless remixes you’ll hear at Hakkasan, Foam Wonderland, and Tomorrowland, what more do they have to offer?

The two just got signed to Disputor Records, and released their first single under the label called “Good Intentions” featuring “BullySongs,” a song that pretty much sums up a party-goers thought process of having a memorable, or maybe even not so memorable, night.

We’ll be expecting more bass, more electronic sounds, and more hits in the near future. The legacy that The Chainsmokers are leaving in the music industry is not to be overlooked. Take a listen, and feel euphoria surging through every vein in your body.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Images By: The Chainsmokers