Adam Levine. Colin Kaepernick. Stephen James. David Beckham. Jimmy Q. Nick Wooster.

Tat 1

Each of these individuals has reached great feats in their respective fields, achieving their dreams and aspirations, heightened their skill sets and improved in their respective fields. So you might be saying to yourself,  “These guys don’t really have a lot in common, so what’s the point? ”  All you have to do is read between the lines. The ink lines, that is.


What these men have in common is that their bodies all serve as a canvas showcasing artistic symbols, text, caricatures and designs.

Tattoos have served many different purposes in cultures around the world. For example, “T? Moko,” from the M?ori people in New Zealand, are face tattoos marked on your skin by a chisel. Going back a few thousand years to China, which used tattoos to mark bandits, prisoners and slaves who were marked with tattoos in order to display ownership. In the Philippines, tattoos were used to exhibit great accomplishments and feats. Henna tattoos in India, which use ink from the henna plant, is a temporary tattoo custom for women, indicating their social status.

In today’s world, tattoos serve as a great significance to many. It can be viewed as symbolic not only for ourselves, but to honor a loved one or a significant life-changing moment in our lives. It’s a way that breaks us away from the mold, signifying our originality and ourselves.

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Aside from much of the negative stigma that tattoos have received for years, tattoos as of late, have become more culturally accepted, thanks to a more forward thinking, open-minded society who embrace art and self-expression.  Tattoos have even slowly become more accepted in the work space as well. The idea of not being able to attain your dream job because of tattoo visibility, is quickly becoming obsolete as tattoos continues to blend into mainstream society in celebration of our expressive selves.

If you don’t have one, but have always thought about getting one, fear not, there are a great many people that will support. Either way, ink lives on.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Media By: fuckyeahnickwooster,,,, Vagabond Journey, David Beckham Facebook,