You work at Google, or one of the plethora of tech companies vying for your attention. You are a member of silicon valley’s elite and most likely like in or near Mountain View.

Google 1

Google says they chose Mountain View as their headquarters 15 years ago because they love the beauty of the bay and it’s proximity to great universities and we venture to guess, where they can more easily swoop up their latest geniuses.

With a design friendly and lightweight block-like structures along with a keen sense of the surrounding environment, Google’s new proposed campus was designed to be mobile and easily moveable so when they invest in new product areas, they can relocate as needed.

Google C 1

The campuses large translucent canopies were created to control the climate inside, yet letting in air and light while trees and bike paths will weave through the structures, blurring nature and other urban dwellings.

More then just erecting office space, Google aims to enhance the local economic environment around them as well with plans to add café’s, restaurants and other businesses.

Google C 3

It’s good to see that they’re so philanthropic in their partnership with the local and surrounding areas, but not totally unexpected, because like any business, they’ll need the City Council’s approval to construct this, which we’re betting will likely happen with lots of handshakes and smiling faces.