Los Angeles is truly a fantastic, exuberant city with a healthy restaurant and bar nightlife. Over the years many ‘would be’ club and restaurant aficionados have tried to break into this city’s scenes and spent themselves out of business. It takes special skills and knowledge to truly navigate the city’s laws and understand the underlying fabric that  is Los Angeles and ultimately predict the trends that dictate what’s hot and what’s not.

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Shirt & Pants: Dolce & Gabbana Blazer: George Clinton Watch: Rolex Shoes: John Varvatos


Over the past decade, one nightlife mogul in particular has done just that. We had a chance to sit down and talk to this man about town, John Terzian and get his take on  LA nightlife, his company and a little personal history on the man himself.

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Shot at the stunning,  The Nice Guy

As an LA native, Terzian has his finger on the pulse of the city’s social scene like no other. He’s part classical artist, part businessman, former manager of the late DJ AM and lawyer. All necessary skills for creating and running consistently successful LA haunts like Hooray Henry’s, SHOREbar in Santa Monica, or his invitation-only restaurant The Nice Guy. In fact Las Vegas Hakkasan Group recognized his panache and golden touch and bought a stake in his h.Wood Group company.

What’s the day-to-day like for a multi-dimensional nightlife impresario?

From the time I wake up at 8am, I go through a routine of conference calls and meetings during the day. After work, I start my commute to each of my venues.  They are all close in point (aside from Bootsy Aspen), ending around 2am.

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Shirt & Pants: Dolce & Gabbana Blazer: George Clinton Watch: Rolex Shoes: John Varvatos


In between real estate development, long lived nightlife divisions and most recently an invite only restaurant lounge The Nice Guy, what’s been your biggest accomplishment to date?

SHOREbar is kind of my baby for a lot of reasons but primarily because I wanted a small bar just for my friends and family since I grew up in the area.  2.5 years ago we took an old run down dive bar and turned into a little gathering place for the locals and called it SHOREbar and it has turned into a much bigger deal than I ever anticipated. I enjoy going there because it is a very personable and hands on experience with customers.

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Shirt & Pants: Dolce & Gabbana Blazer: George Clinton Shoes: John Varvatos


You started off as a classical artist. Does that affect and or enhance the way you design your clubs, restaurants and various spaces?

Being an artist with a love of business is why I got into this business.  I wanted to create worlds for people and my art background helped me do that.  I usually have a vision for the concept and work with a great designer, Sormeh Azad of Built, Inc., that helped actually make that vision happen.

Your entrepreneur lifestyle requires you to suit up, what do you find being your go-to outfit for suiting?

Black skinny Jeans a button down or T-shirt and black sport coat (pretty much all black)…and converse or boots

What’s a piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

Black button up

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Shirt & Pants: Dolce & Gabbana Blazer: George Clinton Shoes: John Varvatos


As a young, successful, driven entrepreneur, what advice could you give to other Ferrvor Man wanna be impresarios?

Keep going. What wakes me up for work every day is the thrill of it all…I genuinely love the business. I love working towards making my dreams come true and not shy to collaborate to create something amazing for everyone to be a part of. I am embracing all of this and thankful for my ‘family’, of a well supportive team.  I’m so grateful and happy with every step and much we have progressed as the h.wood Group. It’s all work, stepping up to the plate and being respectful with your networks. If you’re not willing to contribute, then really, you won’t get any results in return.

You recently opened The Nice Guy, what’s next up for you?

With the new Hakkasan partnership, we are motivated and excited with revamping and upgrades and all of what we have in store.  We have quite a few things going on at once from high scale events to our very creative, special new venues.  We are re-opening Henry’s with a new theme and concept.  This December we are anticipating to introduce LA’s hospitality mainstream, a karaoke lounge called The Blind Dragon, replacing the Chin Lin spot.  A very different social setting that’s never been done before on the Sunset strip.  After taking over the LA staple, Jerry’s Deli, as we roll into 2015, next up, is a very similar version of Eataly, that focuses as a fresh market café and lounge concept.  We are in the middle of the creatives and coming up with a name, looking to tentatively open by next summer.