The long awaited iPhone 6 and Apple Watch has been released today.

Today might as well be the day that the citizens of the world name “Apple Appreciation Day!” as my Twitter feed was flooded with the new iPhone related tweets all morning.

iPhone6 size

Joking aside, the iPhone 6, which comes in two sizes, 4.7” and 5.5” is faster, battery life = longer and it has a better camera that will capture better picture quality images along with 1080p video and the very cool option of slow-motion in 240fps. And lastly, something I’ve been needing desperately: 128 GB of storage space! Bravo to Apple for joining the big-screen-mobile-device-league, but the 4.7” is more than enough for me. As for apps, the new iPhone has a bunch of new amazing APPs that run on the new iOS, including Apple Pay, that let’s users use the iPhone as your credit card. Functionality like that is good to have but I personally, I can live without.

Mark your calendars, the big day is September 19th.


Story By: Nikolai K
Images By: Apple