We had the chance to check out Jack Garratt’s show June 1, at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, check out what you missed here.

The opening band, MXMS, got the crowd off to a great start with their intimate vocals, setting them up for what Jack had in store for.  Ariel’s vocals in “omg” were heart-wrenching, and took the crowd on an emotional roller-coaster.

After Ariel and Jeremy finished their set we headed upstairs to get a better view of the show. Before Jack even came out, every row upstairs was either filled, or reserved and the main floor was shoulder to shoulder. This was the second night in a row the UK singer had a sold out The Troubadour.

Jack Garratt hit the stage in an old-school Playstation sweater, and took place in front of his drum machine. He teased the crowd with an intro, almost recreating “The Love You’re Given,” but added a little twist through it all.

After his little intro and greeting the crowd, he started off his set for real this time with his single “Chemical.” He then presented us with a live remix of “Chemical”. It was impressive.

He surprised everyone with with the mood on his next song, ” I Couldn’t Want You Anyways.” The track featured Jack singing one of his most intimate songs, as the crowd just watched in awe. Not a sound to be heard in the venue other than Jack and his keyboard. If there were some attendees that weren’t fans of Jack when arriving, after hearing his chilling vocals on this track had to change their minds.

We knew how talented Jack was when it came to producing his electronic-soulful tracks, but it wasn’t until his performance of “Water,” in which we learned of his guitar skills. Seeing him shred a guitar solo during the song completely changed the importance of the song.

The next song, “Surprise Yourself” was one we weren’t too familiar with before the show. He said that he wrote it for a girl who had gotten on the wrong train once in Chicago, and it was sort of a present for her to come home to. Yet, another intimate track of Jack crooning over his guitar once again had the entire venue in silence listening to the purity in his vocals.

As soon as the drum machine started playing the loop for the next track, the crowd erupted instantly, as they recognized one of their favorite songs, “The Love You’re Given.” With lights sync’d up for this performance, it created one of the liveliest moments of the night. His performance featured an energetic and emotional drum machine solo, in which he slammed his drumsticks as it finished. Once the solo ended, Jack got the loudest applause of the night.

He has a fairly small catalogue and can play through everything he’s made, unfortunately it’s not much, but its quality of quantity right?

He finished by playing two more of his fan-favorite songs, “Remnants,” and “Worry.” With a perfect ending (or what we thought), Jack brought the guitar back out and gave an epic guitar solo to end the night.

If anyone’s counting, that’s seven songs and what we thought was the end of the show with the epic guitar solo, was not. Jack told the crowd that once he leaves the stage, he wouldn’t have anything else to play for an encore to come back on stage. So he told everyone that he will perform a cover. Everyone loves covers and the crowd erupted in joy as Jack announced it would be the 2004 hit “Let Me Love You,” by R&B artist, Mario. He gave us a stripped down performance on the keyboard.  Towards the end of the song he started to harmoniously scream and cry on his vocals, almost reminiscent to those of James Blake in “The Wilhelm Scream.”

Synesthetic is available for streaming and download through all major distributors, and if you have yet to listen, it is now the time. One of our favorite live shows so far this year already has us craving more music from the UK crooner.