Conviction: a strong belief or opinion. Our latest Ferrvor Man shows that to be true in every aspect of his career. Jonathan Sadowski is a strong force to be reckoned with. He’s Hollywood’s familiar face and continues to climb the ladder of success, showing no stop in his future.

Story By: Adonis Pierce
Photographed By: Catie Laffoon
Wardrobe By: Melissa Lynn
Grooming By: Kimberly Bragalone

Jonathan is a Chicago born native. Having attended the University of Illinois and receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater, he was already setting the stones for his future career. Once making his way to Hollywood, he quickly began to make a name for himself. This actor/producer has seen a steady rise in his career. Which isn’t easy for most, but for Jonathan he makes it seem so effortless. He has shared a screen alongside Amanda Bynes in the film She’s The Man and appeared in Live Free or Die Hard  with Bruce Willis. Currently he can be seen staring in Freeform’s original program Young & Hungry where he plays Josh Kaminski, a young tech entrepreneur. The show also stars Emily Osment.

Ferrvor Jonathan sadowski young and hungry

Ferrvor had the opportunity to interview this long time Hollywood favorite to get to know just what it takes to be Jonathan.

Thanks for having us Jonathan, lets start with some fun questions. If you had to compare your life to a type of food what would it be and why?

My life is like a burrito. It’s filled with a bunch of different stuff, it’s spicy, and when I finish it, I’ll be satisfied.

What is your go to food?

Burritos. Always burritos.

What are some traits that you and your character Josh from Young & Hungry have in common?

We are both big kids at heart, we are loyal to a fault, and we are very protective of those close to us.

How is it working with Emily Osment?

She’s great! She has a very natural comedic timing and she tends to be a prankster. (I’m gonna get you back, Emily Osment…)

Any favorite recipes you like to cook?

Wacky Uncle Sadowski’s Wacky Chili Surprise. Haha…I love slow cooking chili. I also make a mean homemade habanero/citrus hot sauce. I grew up in an Italian household, so I can throw down on some marinara.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

I wouldn’t say I go looking for fashion inspiration. If I find myself intrigued by a look, I go online and start researching in a broad sense. For example, I’m on a big three piece suit kick, so I scour the Internet looking for cool waistcoats, pocket squares, etc…it also doesn’t hurt that my fiancé is a stylist.

Ferrvor Jonathan sadowski young and hungry

What would be your ultimate dream role to portray and why?

I always say I don’t have a “dream role”. I like being surprised when I read a new script and thinking “THIS IS THE ROLE I WANT TO PLAY!” …but I guess playing a secret agent/spy would be pretty dope.

Nice! How about an Instagram hashtag that describes your life right now?

#MovinAndShakin #MakingMoves

Favorite quote to live by?

Be good, if not, be careful.

Drink of choice?


Last One, favorite hideaway spot?

Ralph’s. Haha. I love late night grocery shopping at Ralph’s.


Funny, talented, and above all a charismatic human being. The key ingredients in what makes this accomplished actor capable of any endeavor.