Juun J Spring Summer 2016 Collection is a chic denim daydream. Appropriately labeled, “Middy,” it is an authentic mixture of classic denim and modern silhouettes.

junn j sup

This collection served as a reinvention for Juun J. Taking a fabric that is an essential part of almost every collection and our daily existence, and using it in a new and inventive way. Juun focused on changing our perspective of the classic cloth, denim, and he did just that.

The feminine clothing blurred the lines of gender. Which was also made apparent by the silhouettes and blonde bobbed models. Full denim ensembles were displayed in hues of light and dark indigo tones. It was all about proportion in this collection. The shape of the clothing was kept tighter at the top and loosely fitting at the bottom. Layers were added to give depth by pairing the looks with coats and jackets.

juun j sup

A slight nautical aspect was also added to the collection. Stripes were the print of choice. The pops of black, white and tan helped break up the heavy denim. The show was even finished off with all white denim looks.

With every zipper, the clothing revealed a deeper side to it. The androgyny and masculinity made for the most ideal team. Futuristic meets modern in this evolution of denim.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Supplemental Images By: Juun J