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In the heart of Istanbul resides one of the finest lofts we’ve come across. Designed, decorated and built to compliment the bachelor life, the Karakoy Loft from Ofist, brings a new vision to the evolving Karakoy neighborhood, a neighborhood bursting with the latest art galleries, boutiques restaurants and hotels.

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The Karakoy Loft is located right in the middle of all that making this a prime location for the Ferrvor Man. Containing two floors with a “Natural, neutral, comfortable and practical,” the loft is a balanced location for the eyes and to relax. The structure includes wide windows as well as a rectangular skylight, designed for more natural light to enter in and brighten up the living quarters. There are also various cement walls that add to the unique elements of the home, as well as the artwork and colors of the interior design.

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Built on an iron rod system, the Karakoy Loft includes a kitchen, bedroom, living room and a library. Natural stone and wood also set the foundation of the building. The design is freeing and open, enough for entertaining or spending some time with a special somebody, but with everything the bachelor has in mind.

Welcome to the Karakoy Loft, Ferrvor Man!

Story By: David Sim
Images By: Koray Erkaya