No longer does animation live within boundaries. It exceeds to a form that is truly limitless.When you hear the word animation, what comes to mind? You might  think, Comic-Con, your favorite childhood Sunday morning animation, or perhaps  the newest video games to hit the market.

Whatever it is you think of, whether imaginative creature, object, or person, after watching Brunettes Shoot Blondes, new music video, Knock Knock, it has reignited what animation means to us. The video as we’ve come to know, no longer restricts itself within the boundary of one screen. It goes playfully beyond the traditional viewing of your favorite anime on a single computer, tablet or phone. With the new technology this video has pushed creative boundaries. We now get to experience anime as a moving performance from one electronic device to another. There is no limit to where animation can go. Knock Knock is one of the most innovative video ideas in the Ferrvor man book for sure.

Story By: Daria Ingram
Media By: Brunettes Shoot Blondes