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This NBA postseason has been generating a lot of noise without seeing All-Star Kobe Bryant in the action, but that doesn’t mean the 5-time NBA champion hasn’t been making big moves off court.

His latest endeavor with Hublot gives us the second timepiece collaboration, the Big Bang UNICO Chronograph Retrograde Kobe “Vino” Bryant. In April, Hublot and Bryant celebrated in Northern California’s Wine Country, combining not only the burgundy-colored watch, but the NBA star’s childhood in Italy and Hublot’s surrounding Vaudois countryside wineries. Bryant said, “It is an honor to launch my second Hublot Timepiece, Vino. When I joined the Hublot family, the Black Mamba was a natural fit, but we also discussed the relationship between basketball, watchmaking and wine; specifically, the dedication of the wine makers to making that perfect blend, the effort that goes into the maturation process and the attention to detail that goes into the art of watchmaking.”

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The Big Bang “Vino,” is available in Black Ceramic and 18K King Gold and integrated into the dial is a basketball design. The watch, classic and sleek, is a reflection of the Black Mamba’s personal style. A unique trait of the timepiece is that it is the world’s first mechanical watch designed to time basketball, with the Chronograph Retrograde designed to time the two halves of a basketball game. That’s 24 minutes each half, just in case you didn’t know.

One thing’s for sure the Hublot Big Bang Vino, like Bryant’s legacy, is nothing short of an All-Star timepiece.

Story By: Jasmine Sabagquit
Images By: Hublot