Lamborghini is known for it’s flashy, luxurious, speed demons, The 88 Tauri smartphone, designed by Tonino Lamborghini, is no different and sure to have you turning heads just as quickly. A perfect fusion of Italian design and Lambo technology, the 88 Tauri is designed to keep up with your lifestyle, Ferrvor Man.

According to the brand, you will be taking “the most luxurious selfie in the world.” For Tonino Lamborghini to put the famous bull-logo stamp on an all-leather and steel, 64GB, 5-inch display screen phone with an 8 and 20 megapixel camera, says something about it’s promise in design, quality and style. This phone can keep up with any other smartphone on the market and still give you what you in every fashion sense.


This exclusive release from Tonino Lamborghini will officially hit the market a little later this month and is limited to just 1,947 units. Perhaps something to consider for your Ferrvor Man wish list.

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