The sunshine and heat has poked it’s head out earlier than most places out here in sunny Southern California, and we’re hitting the beaches daily. Have you ever wanted the convenience of riding a surfboard with the speed and control that a jet ski can offer?The Ferrvor Man has taken aquatic to another level, and you can find him cruising throughout the waters of your favorite getaways on this board.

The Lampuga electric surfboard has the capability to move just about as swift and agile as a dolphin, with a total length of a little over 8.5 feet and weighing about 85 lbs. It is controlled by a steering belt, which carries the accelerator throttle that controls your overall movement.

Lamp 2

The Lampuga is environmentally friendly and utilizes a chargeable battery pack. Total charge time takes about 2 hours so you can enjoy the full benefit of the 15 hp motor, reaching speeds of up to 32 mph for up to 12 miles. However, if you’re in a hurry and can’t wait to get your feet wet, you can buy an even more powerful charger that cuts the charging time in half.

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Safety is not neglected, with the Lampuga electric surfboard. It features an emergency stop system and an anti-slip surface that provides superb stability, so rest assured, your Toby Alderweireld hairstyle will mostly stay in place.

Interested? Then you better get your hands and feet on a Lampuga electric surfboard. Surf’s up gents!