West coast electronic duo, Late Night Alumni, are preparing their fifth studio album, but in the meantime released”The This This” to hold us over. 

Late Night Alumni consists of John Hancock (production) and Becky Jean Williams (vocals). The duo recently joined forces with the new imprint Arkade, a record label created by Kaskade who is no stranger to pushing the limits in dance music. We’re happy to say his latest endeavor, Arkade, is off to a great start. Late Night Alumni has released a track with the label since its release in September, and their next album, Eclipse, is planned to be released on Arkade as well.

“The album ‘Eclipse’ was inspired by the duality of human nature. We can’t be defined. We are how we see ourselves and we are the someone that everyone sees. We are cycles of change. We are idiosyncrasies and nuances. We are no one thing. No man is an island, but every man, an eclipse.”

Look for a release date in 2015, until then,  check out their latest single, “The This This.” The guitar riffs and synths have us reminiscing of early 2000s dance tunes. If the rest of the album follows this single we are in for a special piece of art.