Leap Factory is an eco building company, that builds and places cool artistic infrastructures in various natural environments. All products are prefabricated and practice“zero impact dwelling” to be careful not disturb the land around it. Leap Factory products are ideal for the outdoorsmen who seek remote locations such as snowy mountainous regions, the desert or a mountain hillside.


Leap Factory products are designed to withstand extreme climate conditions. The dwellings are able to last in high altitudes as evidenced by their LEAPrus alpine station on Mount Elbrus in Caucasus.


Some of their many one of a kind lodgings include cabins like the s3 equipped for high altitudes, MilkLAB for dairy production and SOS stations for emergencies.

LEAPmyHome is one of the company’s newest endeavors. So if you’re game for something really interesting, whether in the outdoors at some extreme location, or just a local mountainside retreat, these guys will rock a killer pad for you.

Story By: Briana Dorton
Images By: Leap Factory