Thanksgiving festivities are quickly approaching this week, and the last thing on your mind is probably that holiday gift list that you’re dreading to create and complete in the next month just in time for Christmas. We know how it is, with buying presents for loved ones, not-so-loved ones, bosses, Secret Santas, you name it. But in this busy world, who’s really got the time for all of that?

Story By: Jasmine Sabagquit

With that said, Goop.com put together a list of some of the most ridiculous and over-the-top gifts you can give. So if you’re in it for the gift of gag and laughs, or just really considering these items for purchase, I’m sure you’ll take away a thing or two from some of our favorite’s from this unique gift guide.

sky mall seat heaters

1. Turkey and all the fixings aren’t the only things we’ll be enjoying this Thursday. Along with a packed plate, we’ll be lounging around watching some NFL match ups. So for stadium-goers during the cold and sometimes frigid fall and winter days, the Heated Stadium Seat Cushion from Sky Mall will warm your tush just right.
Price: $69.99
Image By: Sky Mall 

Ulysses Tier 1 Standard Survival Kit

2. November is nearing its end, so we know you already have your Duck Dynasty-inspired beard in tact, and here’s the gear to match. Your outdoor adventures await, so descend out into the Enchanted Forest with the Ulysses Tier 1 Standard Kit (good for a week for two people), for all your survival needs. You can trap you’re Thanksgiving Dinner while you’re at it.
Price: $12,500
Image By: Just One Eye

the darwin tank

3. We covered this one a little while a go and we still can’t get enough of it. The Darwin Tank lets you have your own jellyfish in captivity and it pretty much puts your ordinary fish tank to shame.
Price: $1,621.27
Image By: Darwin Sect Video

ball and chain

4. In 2015, committed relationships don’t need to go out of style. How about getting your “beau” a little reminder, with this Vintage Ball and Chain. No need to shop for the ring with this thing laying around.
Price: $1,500
Image By: Blackman Cruz

Yoni Steam Seat

5. The Devi Steam Seat is the perfect gift for the lady or ladies in your life, who have issues positioning themselves when they’re getting their “underparts” steamed. The yoni steam, as its called, is a personal treatment that is said to be beneficial towards fertility, toning and revitalization of your unmentionables, and now with this specially designed seat, you get comfort while you cleanse.
Price: $55
Image By: Soul Vibrance

Made To Order Goldloft 18K Gold Dumbbells

6. We hear it at the end of every year, New Year’s resolutions of “I’m going to lose weight, get in shape and hit the gym.” For many, this resolution and mindset only lasts for the first week, if at all. But if you have yourself a pair of Made to Order Goldloft 18k Gold Dumbbells, you’ll be set for a new year of flash at the gym or $125,000 collecting dust inside your closet.
Price: $125,000
Image By: HOCK Design USA

cow bells

7. It takes a lot of time to prep and plan holiday meals, so when its time to round up the troops to dig in, you can either holler their names or round up the cows with these Modern Dinner Bells.
Price: $60
Image By: Food $52

Thanks to GOOP.COM, you can have fun this holiday season and get pretty creative with the gift ideas. So here’s, goodbye to ugly sweaters and t-shirts that you’ll likely never ever wear, and hello to possibly receiving some pretty cool and ridiculous gifts this time around.