Lebron James Mustache

Here at the Ferrvor office, many of us are religiously glued to the TV every night, tuning in to our favorite NBA teams as they battle head-to-head with the rest of the league. It’s been a very entertaining first month of the regular season since it started back in October with lots excitement from superstar players and some surprising new faces. But one highlight that has taken us back hasn’t actually been a top play of the night.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: NBA

Lebron James Mustache

Not a stranger to the highlight reel, Lebron James can be seen almost every night showcasing his superhero-like skills on the court against his fellow NBA athletes. One thing we did notice in the past few weeks was his “pornstache.” Yes, ladies and gentleman, Lebron James is rocking what looks like to be reminiscent of the 70s, or something Richard Pryor would appreciate. Perhaps, he may be growing it out for the Movember Movement.

But whether you’re liking the ‘stache on King James or not, it’s been a pretty successful month for him. Not only has he led his Eastern Conference Champion, Cleveland Cavaliers to an 11-3 record to start the season, James has moved up pass NBA greats Oscar Robertson and Jerry West to reach 25th on the All-Time Assists and 19th on the All-Time Scoring list.

So here’s to cheers and jeers to Lebron James and his mustache, for keeping us entertained on and off the court.