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If you haven’t noticed, our electronic devices continue to get smaller, faster, better and more mobile. It’s no longer essential to lug around your large DSLR to take great photos. The Light L16 Camera has all of the same capabilities and more revolutionizing how we take pictures.

Story By: Briana Dorton
Images By: Light

It’s the world’s first camera to have multiple apertures and features 16 lenses at 3 different focal lengths. 10 lenses capture the image simultaneously allowing for multiple focal points in your subject. Your images are now able to have up to 52-megapixel resolution.

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Connect to Wi-Fi and share your photos easily. And not only is the Light L16 capable of taking beautiful photography, but can shoot your video in 4K.

L16 supplemental

Across the back of the camera is a convenient, large user friendly touch screen display which allows you to pinch your subject, to manually alter the depth of field, much like your new iPhone. This camera also performs very well in low light settings only adding to the list of reasons you may want to ad this to your collection.

The Light Story from light on Vimeo.