Within the past century there have been stories, theories, cartoons and movies surrounding the idea that technology and robots will be here in our daily lives to both help and or perhaps dominate the world.

The mid 1900’s sparked the minds of futurists artists such as Isaac Asimov, Orson Welles and the Hanna-Barbera duo to share with us their conjectured robotic settings of the future.

In 1977, Star Wars gave us the loveable R2D2 and C-3PO, then in 1984, we were introduced to the dawn of the Terminator, followed in 2004, with “I, Robot” which depicted the idea that robots will become essential to our everyday lives, helpful to humanity, but by then they would have enough intelligence to once again override their programmed limitations. Fast forward to 2015, and with the surplus of creative minds, innovations in technology, abstract thinkers, and modern day geniuses, it’s only a matter of time before real iRobots are having daily conversations with us and doing personal daily tasks.

So what happens when we apply the same guidelines for the technology we have today?

Take the iRobot Roomba and Scooba for example. Cleaning the castle couldn’t be any easier, especially when you have an endless amount of chores and errands to attend to throughout your day.

And coming soon, man’s best friend may convert from having paws, fur and a vascular system, to wires, metal, and robotic guts. That means no more dog food, no more long walks around the block, (or picking up after it) and you’ll have the luxury of leaving poochie at home, without feeling guilty.

And so along that line, there’s JIBO, which is about to make its way not only into the household and by all appearances has the potential to become addictive. This thing is like a good buddie, lending a helping hand for your everyday tasks.

Let’s look at the bigger picture for a second. With all these technological advances happening at such a fast pace, is it ludicrous to say that with further improvements and more tweaks that these robots will become so advanced, and take control of this world? Sure it’s a movie, but look at Tony Stark. It only takes one brilliant mind with some good programming skills to create a force like Ultron.

So when we look back at fictional stories, theories, cartoons and movies about the future and robots inhabiting our world, it would seem that fantasy is quickly becoming reality. As humans, we will pass. But the ideas and advances in technology will likely be omnipresent.


Supplemental Image via Jibo, Linus Tech Tips