London Collections Men set the tone for 2016, showcasing designer styles and trends of the upcoming season, emphasizing the creative and commercial importance of British branding and talent. Not to mention the color flair nod to the grunge era of the 90s. Editor GQ & Chair of the Menswear Committee explains, “LCM has already become a staple of the menswear calendar, and is a fabulous way to kick off the season. “We have all been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for the project, and the scale and ambition of all the many designers who are now showing here is incredibly infectious. To those of you who have yet to come to LCM, all I can say is: come on in, the water’s lovely!”

Ferrvor’s Creative Director agrees that the enthusiasm is clear as the collections showcased the spirit of Britain’s Best.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar

Here are the trend highlights from our favorite collections from this year’s London Collections Men.

Starting from the top with one of our favorite trends: Military Inspired Outwerwear

Alexander McQueen E Tautz

The military trend was prominent in LCM’s 2016 runway, but it has always been a closet favorite. From bags, to tops and other fashion pieces. This fall, Military Outerwear will be the fashion choice outerwear, with detailed tailoring,lapels and double-breasted coats to make sure you’re styled and cozy.
Credit: Alexander McQueen, E. Tautz

Burberry E Tautz Sean Suen

Oversized outerwear. From Fur coat to Cardigan, and Sweaters: An ideal choice to warm up for the fall with a thick knit sweater or Fur coat pair that with an appropriate inner layers is the way to go for the 2016 snow season. Perhaps, a simple style choice for your outfit, but you can customize with your favorite.

Topman Burberry

Rusty Orange. We have witnessed the Gray blue shades takeover the runway from previous season. Despite Fall staple darker shades cooperating Rusty Orange is a good way to add color to your outfit and pay a tribute to the 70s trend. Go bold and wear full rusty orange suit or ease it in to you style with turtle neck or a tie.
Credits: Topman, Burberry

Topman Burberry Oliver Spencer

Relaxed Trousers. Get loose and forget them. Skinny or fitted slacks are out. It’s all about a loose, relaxing fit this coming season. So let yourself breathe and the smell the seventies trends coming your way.
Credits: Topman, Burbery, Oliver Spencer