Designed to capture urban rhythms, the creative mind and artistic lifestyles, Louis Vuitton introduces the “MoVers” V Line through visual art. Innovative, city-approved and comfortable, the leather featured in V Line is water-resistant and adapts to all outside conditions.

So the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A film takes many pictures and tells you a story of thousands more. That’s what Louis Vuitton has done with their new “Movers” V Line. Showcasing the amazing talents of Digital Artist, Ryoichi Kurokawa and Pro Skater, Alex Olson.

Beautifully shot along Tokyo’s skyline and nightlife, Ryoichi is captured looking focused. He walks with confidence and assertiveness, but also a mystery that might have you pondering, “What is he thinking about?” The answer goes much deeper than you might think. For Ryoichi, inspiration comes through the physical movements and how he perfectly meshes movement visually with sound. In his words, “I sculpt sound and picture into time.”

Olson tells his story by showing off his tricks and coasting through Los Angeles’s streets. From the bat, he establishes a respect for the lifestyle of skateboarding and compares it to a dance. Style and form is what’s important, both visually and fundamentally. But he also ties in a somewhat philosophical, worldly view to the art. “Skateboarding develops a perception at a young age, cos you learn how to look at things differently.” Thinking out the box and actually stepping out of the box, allows you to open up your eyes to endless possibilities.

LV Supp 1

The film highlights beautiful art forms, Ryochi, through the art of sound and Alex through the art of skating, and intertwines them with lifestyle. The Louis Vuitton “MoVers” V Line leather goods collection, is designed to adapt to all movements and conditions.

LV Supp 2

“MoVers” pieces are made from lightweight, quality leather, water-resistant and designed for the active, mobile lifestyle. Ranging from backpacks to side bags with multiple compartments for everyday functionality, each piece is stamped with the traditional Gaston-Louis Vuitton, “V” signature.

Story By: Jasmine Sabagquit
Images By: Louis Vuitton