To say the SALT S5 is a stunning yacht, is an understatement of a high proportion. This architectural gem is a soon to be masterpiece of the Yachting World that simply redefines the relationship between sailing and the sailor.  

Salt 1

The SALT S5 is a glass, sailing superyacht, designed with the sealover in mind, providing a transparent, adaptable space for life aboard a big ship. The 180’ Yacht with an estimated price tag of $75-$100 Million, was designed in a way that provides a visceral connection to the sea, yet a tangible, inviting environment to explore your senses.

Ferrvor spoke with SALT’s designer and creator, Lujac Desautel, who conceptualized the SALT S5, with the idea of infusing fresh new ideas by injecting some fun and pushing the imagination a bit with the yachting industry, that traditionally has been slow to innovate.  Lujac tells us that the “SALT, is an environment of overlapping and transparent spaces, creating a playful and engaging relationship with the sea. Simplicity was the goal”. To showcase that, there is a lovely flowing staircase that folds down to the water’s edge, along with a beautiful glass facade that slides away like a curtain to welcome the fresh ocean air, almost creating an outdoor living room type feel.

Salt 2

Lujac’s passion for all things boats and water, started as a child. Growing up around boats and a family of fisherman from Alaska to Seattle, his father was a supertanker pilot and his grandfather owned a small Yacht, so there’s no wonder as a youngster that all things boating was embedded in his DNA.

According to Desautel, most yachts are over-designed. With the SALT, “I was trying to bring back the yacht to something basic and beautiful, using very simple shapes, taking the designer out of it and let the spaces manifest themselves, allowing for the interior to be more open and flexible.”

After learning from a friend, that you can travel the world by working on Yachts, Lujac, bought a 1-way plane ticket to Monaco and spent three weeks walking up and down the docks looking for a job. He fell in love with the city and met a well known, yacht designer, Stephan P, who he went to work for and ultimately became his mentor. He enjoyed it enough to repeat the Monaco experience every summer for college.

Salt 3

Lujac is a gifted designer and architect in his final year at the California College of the Arts, School of Architecture near San Francisco. You can sense his love for the sea, for Yachts and most importantly for beautiful, functional design. He has an addictive youthful energy and creative sensibility reserved for something special. The SALT S5 is starting to get some attention and make some noise in the Yachting community and so we’re certain at some point soon, Lujac will be stepping aboard his own concept and taking her to sea where she belongs.