Without My Enemy What Would I Do, is the newest album from electronic duo, Made In Heights. Originally slated for a May 26 release, the duo released it a week early exclusively on Spotify.

What do all of the following have in common? Mythical Filth. Pop Fiction. Beauty Slap. Goon Lit. Artisanal (c/t)rap. West Coast Gothic. Unsure? These genres were created by Kelsey Bulkin and Sabzi, to describe the music groups unique sound. The genre names themselves should have you intrigued and wondering how the duo can create such ‘mythical filth.’

Made in Heights has been releasing singles in anticipation of their album, Without My Enemy What Would I Do, and to our enjoyment released the album earlier than anticipated. Stream the new album, featuring singles “Slow Burn,” “Ghost,” and “Murakami.” exclusively on Spotify.


Kelsey’s vocals soar over Sabzi’s minimalistic production, and is a perfect 1-2 punch, almost as perfect as a PB&J. Sabzi knows he doesn’t need to do anything extravagant and finds his niche in great production, while he lets Kelsey take over and further impress. It’s a new style of production for Sabzi from the days he produced for Seattle hip hop group, Blue Scholars, which is a part of the soul/electronic movement reigning from the Northwest. Nonetheless, we are still big fans of the group’s new sound.

One of our favorite tracks from the album, “Murakami,” is a perfect showcase of the duo’s music. As the song opens, Kelsey’s vocals are calmingly paired with a somber xylophone, but soon changes shift and at 2:26, the song fully opens up with a huge entrance from a trombone, pulling out all the tricks for this track

Another great one is “Drexler,” the finale to the album. Kelsey’s vocals are foremost the highlight of this song. Being one of the shortest tracks on the album (3:17) we listened to it a couple times, because we didn’t want it to end so soon. The duo usually treats the listeners with a huge switch in their songs like an “Murakami,” but not here. “Drexler,” is a great way to close their album with Kelsey’s vocals drowning us out in our own thoughts. Without My Enemy What Would I Do is streaming in entirety on Spotify now, and will be available everywhere else May 26. Until its official release, listen to it on Spotify.

Story By: Jay Campbell
Images By: Made In Heights