Los Angeles duo, Made in Heights is back with their newest single “Panther”. The full album is coming.

“We explored the wilderness of our ideas, the steep and elegant climbs of our imagination, the desires we had trapped inside of us, and the murky mistakes that seem imperative to the process of becoming true.”

Made In Heights consists of Alexei Saba, 1/2 of Blue Scholars, and Kelsey Bulkin. They duo joined forces in 2009, and took everything they learned about themselves and recreated it in their music. They’ve released numerous singles on their Soundcloud, generating plenty of buzz from their self-titled album Made In Heights.

Since their debut album, they’ve been releasing singles online, with each one more impressive. Their latest release, “Panther,” is already turning heads online. Their music is out of this world and creates an almost murky, yet mysterious mood when listening. “Panther” opens up with an eerie like piano that sounds like someone has their foot on the sustain pedal the whole song. The drums and vocals come in almost simultaneously, opening up the song. But what makes this song extra special is the fact that Alexei and Kelsey insert in a cello beneath the piano, as well as adding more violin throughout the song. We are anxious to get our hands on their new album and hear what new adventures the duo will take us on.

Here are their other two latest singles, “Ghosts,” and “Murakami,” which will continue to take you on an spine-chilling, yet eye-opening musical journey.