Spain-based, Geeksphone, has developed a new fitness tracker to help you keep tabs on some of your most private and intimate ’time between the sheets’. The Ferrvor Team came across Geeksme, your not-so-average fitness-tracker bracelet. 


What Does It Do
The  bracelet keeps tabs on the usual fitness bracelet sort of things like how many steps you take, your total distance, calories burned and total activity time, so when walking from the office to a business meeting downtown, hiking, running, or getting your daily workout in at the gym, the  Geeksme bracelet has you covered and helps you stay on track. It even identify’s your incoming calls, messages and notifications, and monitors your pattern and quality of sleep.



Beyond Your Daily Routine
Now for the fun stuff. The Geeksme also doubles as a  love meter. That’s right, just activate your Geeksme bracelet into “lover performance mode,” and you can track how often, how long, how many calories burned, not just when you’re on two feet, but on all fours, so during sex, you can relax knowing that with every thrust you’ll be aware of your ‘physical’ progress for the day.

Hang tight, you’ll get a chance to start tracking your love making this summer.

Supplemental Image via Geeksphone