Mean Metal Motors M-Zero 1

The “M-Zero” may be India’s first supercar thanks to 21-year old entrepreneur Sarthak Paul.

Story By: Christian B
Media By: Mean Metal Motors

The recent university graduate has followed his dreams into the automotive world with the goal of producing India’s first supercar with the help of automotive engineers based in India’s Maniapl Institue of Technology. Mean Metal Motors (MMM), Sarthak’s company has already produced a couple of concepts and if it goes well, he hoes to have the first physical prototype ready for a showcase at the 2016 Paris Auto Show.

Mean Metal Motors M-Zero 3

Expect zero to 60 mile  acceleration in under three seconds with a top speed of 200 miles per hour. The mid-engine speed demon will generate more than 500 hp, and be partially powered by a hybrid electric engine.

 Mean Metal Motors M-Zero

The Mean Metal Motors M-Zero will have no keys, but instead fingerprints and allow users to create a “profile” that will activate their preferred driver settings. These include  favorite seat position, air conditioning settings and the much coveted music playlist. Says Paul: “We want to give them a car that’s exactly the same or can do even more than a Lamborghini.”

Mean Metal Motors M-Zero 6

The Mean Metal Motors M-Zero’s 3rd and final design concept will be launching in January 2016. The price tag for the Mean Metal Motors M-Zero is estimated to be between $125,000 to $150,000, pricey enough to compete with other models in that range.