It’s another exciting week for fashion as we witness to even more impressive collections. This time we’re at Milan Fashion Week for the debut of the Spring/ Summer 2016 collections. Each show was inspiring in it’s own way giving  us more note worthy trends. Here is a look at some of the more captivating collections of the week.

Dsquared2 gave us a surfing summer dream come true. The twin designers, Dean and Dan Caten, took summer inspiration to create this striking menswear collection. Tattooed surfers sported mesh tanks, oversized denim, and leather pieces. Full of every color a beach lover can expect to see, effortlessly finished off with psychedelic sneakers.

Get ready for the perfect shade of blue. Giorgio Armani has given us the best example of casual elegance. Armani showed trousers in every shape possible, paired with impeccably tailored jackets and skin tight vests. Geometric shapes, covered light weight sweaters. The cool fabrics and flawless tailoring made for an overall unforgettable collection.

Fendi is trend ready for summer. The bold collection stayed neutral in hues of black and grey with pops of yellow, blue, red and white. All the silhouettes stayed oversized as we saw in the pants and jackets. The casual collection screamed sophistication by combining luxury fabrics with modern looks. The collection stayed youthful by applying fun prints with graphic colors.

Etro is creating a world all its own. Creative Director, Kean Etro, took inspiration from all things circular, and created a one of a kind collection. Suits and jackets were sans lapel to create a rounder collar. Paisley and mandala gave inspiration for bold print on jackets and suits. Silhouettes stayed clean and sharp in every piece.

Canali created a fashion storm for their latest collection. Luxury is something this Italian brand is not shy to, and was very apparent as each monochromatic outfit walked down the runway. Each color was kept in alluring jewel tones of red, blue, green, and rust. Silhouettes were kept modern by staying slim and close to the body. As always, elegance in simplicity is at the core of Canali.

Z Zegna created the perfect mixture of active wear and ready to wear. This collection blends nautical inspired pieces with an array of street style active wear. Kite Surfing is the inspiration behind the entire collection, which allowed the use of high-tech fabrics. The color range was kept short and clean with hues of ocean blue and sunset orange.

It was an exceptional time in Milan full of extraordinary collections and riveting trends. It was an extravaganza that clearly has made its mark on fashion.

Up next, Paris!


Story By: Tony Madrid
Supplemental Images By: Etro