Akrapovič, a Slovenian company who manufacturers exhaust systems for everyone from Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki to BMW Motorrad bikes. They’ve also been creating exhausts for Formula 1 and Porsche race cars since 2007.

Seemingly designed more for space travel then here on Earth, the Full-Moon Concept bike is essentially an entire exhaust with an otherworldly metal shell perfectly formed around it. The “Full Moon Concept is truly a one of a kind motorbike.


Debuting at the Bad, Salzuflen Custombike Show in Germany and designed to ignite the senses, the Full Moon has DNA different from its predecessor, the Morsus, but was designed to be a sort of continuation of the Morsus story.

Moon Bike 2

The name Full Moon came out of the thirty-inch aluminum and carbon wheel, which gives an impression of a “Full Moon”. The main body and frame are all sheet metal molded to form over the exhaust, creating one main molded unit.


As with any project of this magnitude, well over eight hundred man hours were used to create this beautifully designed machine, which is powered by an S&5 Knucklehead 1,524 cc engine and two modified custom Akrapovič exhausts.

Moon Bike 1

We at Ferrvor found some of the coolest functionality and features to be the automated steering, along with the fact this bike can stand upright when parked, thanks to the uniquely designed hydraulic suspension.

The Full Moon is definitely in a league of it’s own.